Welcome to your teenage years. Sure there are things you’ve been enjoying: MP3s, DVDs, cool clothes, perhaps? Spending time on the phone, IM chatting on the computer or just hanging out with friends? All of these are good and fine. But there is something else you can be doing as well that would make a real difference; a difference in your life and in the life of a very special child. The kind of thing that will add incredible amounts of joy and meaning to all of the other stuff you’ve got going on.

We’re talking about joining up with an exciting group called The Friendship Circle. Thousands of kids your age all over the country are doing it and, now that it’s available in our community, you won’t want to miss out! Say "yes" to volunteering time and friendship, because we know someone who really needs a Friend its a child with special needs. The Friendship Circles got three terrific ways for you to be a part of something that's really incredible.

We know teens can and do make a difference, and the mitzvah of being a Circle volunteer is a great way to give an extraordinary gift to an extraordinary kid! Hey, youll make lots of new friends too! Why not enjoy activities with other teens just like you, teens who know that giving to others makes you feel better about yourself and the world!

So, here are the four ways. First is Friends@Home. Second, the Sunday's Circle. Third, our Holiday & Specialty Programs, and fourth, Winter & Summer Camp.

Wanna know more?

Friends@Home! That's right! Well match you, and another Jewish teen, with a child who has special needs. Youll both make a weekly visit to your Special Friends home to share activities. The personal rewards are awesome!

Think "coffee break." Think "down time." Think what youll do for the parents who really need a breather!

R U ready for some give and take? Then the Sunday Circle is the place for you. Give a few hours, take back satisfaction and experience. Two Sunday mornings a month, you will work one-on-one helping a Special Friend. With the assistance of professional music and art therapists, youll help the kids groove to tunes, jump start creativity, enjoy story-telling, and all sorts of sports. Gimme a high five!

Wanna celebrate? Then being a part of our Holiday Programs is the way to go. Your Special Friend gets to celebrate holidays together with the whole family making memories along the way. Its anything but ordinary!

Lots of extras to the Friendship Circle, too. Special benefits like awesome trips, educational workshops, training programs, and cool social events.

So, are you ready to call or e-mail the Friendship Circle today?

A Special Friend is waiting for your visit.

Find a phone to contact Leah Levertov at 602.861.1600, or move your mouse and e-mail to [email protected].

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