The Rebbe 
Our Inspiration

Lovingly known as “The Rebbe,” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory, had an unconditional love for people that knew no bounds. He made everyone feel that they belonged, that they were at home. With a warm smile that would heal every aching heart, the Rebbe was always there, offering counsel and blessings, comfort and hope, and even material help, as well.

The core of the Rebbe’s teachings is that none of us is complete unless all of us are included.
It is this concept that motivates the Friendship Circle.


The Rebbe's words for special children and their families gives a wonderful glimpse into some outstanding features of the Rebbe's leadership: a years-ahead-of-its-time call to accommodate every individual; seeing and fanning the G‑dly spark within each of us, and finding potential for advancement where others only saw roadblocks.

These messages are as relevant as ever. Please take a moment to watch this video, be inspired, and share it with family and friends.

Please Note: Any terminology used reflects the usage of its day